How I Started

Nine years ago I started making jewelry as a hobby because I loved creating and working with my hands. From the beginning I fell in love with the alchemy of metal work. I strive to make jewelry that catches the eye and brings you back for a second look.

Through refined stone settings and intricate hand engraving I work to create pieces that make you rethink what wearable art can be. My passion for jewelry continues into the creation fully fabricated pieces.

Crafting unique engagement rings or wedding bands is a passion and skill I am constantly developing. I love blending the mediums of hand engraving and metallurgy to continue the process of unique and handmade craftsmanship.


When Nick first started making jewelry, it was fueled mainly by a desire to put his gemstone collection to good use and to find something to fill his days. It quickly became a lifeline for him, creating a new sense of purpose and direction to guide him whenever he felt lost or weary. He never imagined that, when he picked up those tools over ten years ago, his craft would lead him toward a life full of discovery and creation. Nick’s artistry has taken him all over the United States in pursuit of knowledge and connection, learning from true masters in the craft such as Jason Marchiafava and Blaine Lewis. He spent months pouring over books of antique jewelry and ornamental hand-engraving, heeding a voice inside him saying this, this is what I want to do! That insistent voice became a clear calling, guiding him down the road of hand engraving, awakening not only a new way of seeing his art but also a new way of looking at the world around him. Everything has become a source of inspiration: a fern unfurling in spring, the curve of a window on an art deco cathedral, a scroll woven on an antique tapestry, the curls in his daughter’s hair. Working with metal is Nick’s most gratifying form of expression. Every cut of the graver leaves the mark of his day, etched into the infinite strokes of the days before. When he reflects on what exactly he is engraving into his pieces, he understands that it is greater than any scroll, more intimate that any design could be. He is baring his soul, pouring out his gratitude for his dreams come to life. He aspires, if only for a moment, to connect with something greater than himself.